ICT Directorate

Duties and responsibilities of Information Systems Administration Directorate

The Bureau of Finance and Economic Development in the process of its operation, interaction and exchange of information with Regional Sector Bureaus , Zonal Administrations, Woreda Administrations, City Administrations and other stack holders,  the Information System Administration Directorate  (ISAD) plays  vital roles in  the areas of data accumulation and computation, information exchange, communication and filling the ICT skill gap of users.

The following are its major responsibilities:-

  • Introduction and expansion of ICT services in BoFED environment and its integration with other ICT infrastructures outside of BoFED .
  • Develop and deploy different user applications and tools.
  • Administer and monitor ICT infrastructures, resources and applications to provide a secure, reliable and accessible services.
  • Build and Administer data center for hosting applications, provide secured, reliable and available ICT services, backup and restoration of data in BoFED ICT environments.
  • Setting ICT directives and implement to standardize ICT resources utilization, procurement and disposal.
  • Train users and create awareness on proper and ethical usage of ICT resources and new application and technologies.
  • Support the BoFED staff while using the ICT services.
  • Support the departments of the BoFED who are engaged in procurement of ICT goods and services.
  • Advice the top management on issues related to ICT.
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