Overview of Somali Regional State BoFED

Somali Regional State Bureau of Finance and Economic Development was established in 1994.E.C after the two independent previous Bureaus, Finance Bureau and the Planning Bureau, merge together to overcome parallel information gathering, properly utilize and manage scarce resources of the region and to accelerate the implementation of development plans and projects of the entire administrative units of the region (regional, Zonal, City and Woreda Administration)

Bureau of Finance and Economic Development consists of The Following Directorates

  • Regional Developmental Information and  Population Affairs  Directorate
  • Planning, Budgeting and M&E Directorate
  • Treasury Directorate
  • External Resource Mobilization, Coordination & Management  Directorate
  • Procurement and Property Administration Directorate
  • Financial Control  Directorate
  • Finance, Logistics, Planning and M&E Directorate
  •  Public Relation Directorate
  •  ICT Directorate
  • Human Resource Administration and Development Directorate
  • Channel-One Program and Financial Reform  Coordination Unit
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