Regional Developmental Information and Population Affairs Directorate is one of five directorates of BoFED that established under the BPR reform and started implementation in 2002 EC. The directorate has three case teams, namely GIS, Socio-Economic    and Population Affairs case teams.

Mission of the Directorate

To Coordinate and Provide Timely, Quality and Credible   Official Statistical  and Geo-Spatial Information for use by Stakeholders and Customers for Sustainable   Development of the Region

Major Goals of the Directorate

Goal 1:  Establish Viable Data and Information Management System,

Goal 2: Provide accurate and timely Geo-Spatial, socio-economic and demographic data on Somali region in user friendly format to all end users,

Goal 3: Enhance the integration of Population Variables in to Development Planning,

Goal 4: Create Property boundaries and development facilities to describe coordinates / positions of land that can be used and plot demographic pattern for land development and disseminate for development partners.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Directorate

Key duties and responsibilities of the population affairs case team:-

  • Guiding the development and articulation of operational programs in the field of population and related activities;
  • Coordinating the activities of the various sectoral agencies (governmental and non-governmental) operating population and development related activities in the region;
  • Ensuring that the population programs , projects and  activities conducted by various bureaus and other agencies comply with the national population policy , national population plan of action , regional population plan of action and population council guidelines;
  • Organizing and coordinating regional events (Conferences, symposia, seminars) on population issues;
  • Disseminate developmental and population affairs information of the region through different medias.
  • Ensuring that inter-sectoral programs in population activities are effectively coordinated by instituting a sound information exchange system;
  • Facilitating conditions that will promote the creation of domestic capacity for the production and distribution of materials and equipment to increase people’s access to population and development information;
  • Establishing effective working relationships with non-governmental organizations  for the purpose of facilitating the mobilization of technical and material resources that will be useful in goal attainment of the department;
  • Identify and set key standard population and development indicators of the region.
  • Prepare Population projection and demographic and socio-economic indicators of the region
  • Ensuring that guidelines for the establishment and effective functioning of a system of registration of vital events throughout the region;
  •  Publish and disseminate the demographic developmental information to customers and stakeholders both in soft and hard copies,

Key duties and responsibilities of the socio-economic case team:-

  • Organize regional statistical database by entering the non-spatial data to the database
  • Facilitate and undertake different research on  socio-economic development of the region.
  • Collect, compile, analyze and interpret socio-economic data for GDP,  detail statistical abstracts, budget grant formula, socio-economic profile  and indicators of the Region and prepare reports as well as publish and disseminate the developmental information to customers and stakeholders both in soft and hard copies.
  • Prepare of yearly regional Income account (RGDP)
  • Conducting socio-economic researches by the team or through hiring consultants 
  • Preparing timely regional socio-economic development indicators
  • Organizing Grant formula information
  • Compiling timely Regional Socio-economic profile
  • Compiling yearly regional statistical abstract
  • Update of SomaliInfo data base send to UNICEF for global catalog after brief consultation with bureau head
  • Prepare yearly  statistical abstract, socio-economic profile and  GDP of the region
  •  Publish and disseminate the socio-economic  developmental information to customers and stakeholders both in soft and hard copies,

Key duties and responsibilities of the GIS case team:-

  • Gather all spatial (geographic) data and create spatial database
  • Produce different types of digital maps
  • Prepare woreda, zonal  and  regional atlas maps by using GPS, imagery and GIS
  • Undertake conditional analysis of maps
  • Preparation of regional timely social and developmental  infrastructure maps
  • Preparing various types of zonal , woreda & kabale maps with other necessary detail information
  • Establishing & updating regional spatial & non-spatial data bank  
  • Entering, analyzing, interpreting and printing out   of  thematic maps of gathered primary and secondary data,
  • Providing GPS and data collection format  trainings and technical support to woreda staff 
  • Prepare various  kebele , wereda, zonal  and  regional boundary maps by using GPS and GIS
  • Preparation of Regional, Zonal and District Atlases
  •  Publish and disseminate the Geo-Spatial and developmental information to customers and stakeholders in hard copies.
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